It is February 25, 2012....the eve of the 1 year anniversary of when Bailey left Indianapolis and was introduced to her new home that love built! Thinking back on the past couple years of planning and building Bailey's home, I am amazed at what took place! What an awesome journey God took Connie and I on with all the members of Team Bailey!

Thinking also of the journey Bailey went on during that time is just as amazing! She is home now and doing great! She is in school and hasn't broken a bone at all! So many prayers were said for her and so many more were answered in outstanding ways!

We would like to extend a enormous THANK YOU to every single person who helped in any way to make this project become reality for Bailey and her family.

God is amazing!!!
In the fall of 2012, we got the decking installed! The Oddfellows group of Mt. Zion, had a mudvolleyball fundraiser in 2011 to raise funds for the materials for the decking and they promised they would install it for us! And they did!!!!

It was a perfect day for working outside!

What a great group of guys!!! We appreciate your time and BIG hearts!!!

Team Bailey Celebration

On June 11, 2011, we invited all of our workers and donators to come for a celebration with a party in Findlay at The Niemerg Family Winery. Local businesses donated 2 pigs and the fixings for a delicious meal!

The decorations for the tables are ready and the people are coming for the celebration!


Friends and family enjoying the celebration!

This gal sang before the Matt Carter Band. She sounded alot like Taylor Swift. After she performed, Bailey got her picture with her.

More family and friends enjoying the evening!

The Matt Carter Band was awesome!

During their break, Bailey asked if she could go on stage and sing! So, we found the song she wanted to sing to and she took center stage and sang like she was on American Idol! I have tried and tried to download the video, but it just won't work!!! We were all amazed by this little girl!

Jon and Craig Plain, and John Milligan.....Jon and John were our head builders for the project!!!
The Plain brothers and Jeff and Becky Anderson. Becky headed up our Scaredy Cat Run!

Bailey's family, Connie and Michelle after the celebration.

Thanks to The Niemerg Family Winery, Walmart, Steak -n- Shake, Hite Tent rental, Paul Snyder, and The Matt Carter Band for helping to make this night happen!
June 2, 2011
Today was Team Bailey day at Scovill Zoo! The day started out very rainy, but by the time our event started, it was just rain, no heat, just an overcast day-no worries of sunburn!

We invited all the Mt. Zion students to come out with their families and celebrate their big accomplishment of helping Team Bailey! They helped raise lots of money for Team Bailey....they bought t-shirts, bracelets, sold their art work at the art fair, voted for their favorite baseball team (Cards vs. Cubs), ran in a 5k, and even sold Scentsy Candles! Some of the students even raised money on their own!

The families who came out today got to have a train and carousel ride and a sno-cone!

There were lots of Team Bailey shirts to be seen!!

Even Bailey's little cousin had his frog overalls on for the occasion!Thanks to everyone who was able to come out and enjoy the day! We appreciate everyone soooooo much!!!!!
This will be my last post probably until Spring. The home is done and Bailey and her family are beginning their new life together in a home that love built!

Words cannot express how thankful Connie and I are to everyone on our Team! Our team consists of people and businesses who have donated materials, labor, and money to make this happen. Families in the Mt. Zion district have raised money for Team Bailey by selling Scentsy Candles, running in a 5k, buying Team Bailey bracelets and t-shirts, being part of a poker run, chili suppers and auctions, buying their children's artwork, and voting on their favorite baseball team with coins. Businesses and people in our local and surrounding cities have contacted us wanting to know how they can help....and boy have they!!!

We are also so thankful for Arlene and Kelly at the Herald and Review, Scot England at WAND, and Crystal at the Mt. Zion Region News, for getting our story out so beautifully to the public.

Our hearts can't express how thankful we are for two special builders on our team, John Milligan and Jon Plain. These two men have hearts of gold! I was on the phone almost daily with them, from the beginning on plans to our many work days. I am so proud of all our builders and donators. If you ever need work done, please visit our 'We couldn't have done this without our helpers' side of the website. These businesses and people have big hearts and I would strongly recommend them for any job. They all helped to build a strong, safe, and sterile environment for Bailey to recover in!

After all those thank you's, we can't forget the biggest thanks of goes to God! He is the one who made this journey happen for Connie and I. He led us to people and businesses to make this project happen. Connie and I had many many 'God moments' through this whole thing....things that obviously happened because He wanted them to happen. He is also the one who watched over Bailey every second of her long journey. He has a plan for her......we just have to wait and see what it is, but until then, she will begin her recovery in her new home!

Please view this news cast as you start your journey of looking through the bog of pictures capturing this wonderful project. Team Bailey is not done just because they have moved in their home......Spring brings a few more projects to get done.........

Bailey comes home!!!!

Around 2:30p.m. Saturday, February 26, 2011, Bailey came home!!!! There had been 2 other attempts to come home the previous months, but they didn't work out, but this one did!!! We had secretly asked family, friends, and members of Team Bailey to line the streets of route 121 and come down to the house to greet Bailey as she arrived.

This group of cousins are showing their support for Bailey!
Her grandpa had driven to Indianapolis that morning to pick them up and his 'instructions' were to drive them to the Decatur Airport where 2 limos would be waiting for Bailey and her family to ride in style to their new home. As they drove closer to the airport, Bailey realized they were not heading for home and she became a little upset with her 'Papa' because he was not heading straight home! But, after she saw what was waiting for her, she was excited!! Bailey's rest of her family and Gabbie were there awaiting her arrival. Bailey got to choose which limo she wanted to ride in -the black hummer or the white escalade.....well, after seeing the blinking colorful lights in the escalade and hearing the music, it was an easy choice for her!
As they drove down route 121, they were greeted by many people along the way with waves, yells, and signs of good well wishes! Then at the blinking lights of Dalton City, The Dora Township firetruck was waiting to bring the limos in with it's siren going! That let us know she was on her way!

I can't even begin to tell you the emotions that came through me as I saw the limos pull in. We have been working on this project for 1 year, and to see it come to this exciting end is amazing!!!

As soon as Bailey got out of the car, she hugged me and Connie-I'll never forget that! She was/is still on oxygen and is still in restrictions, so a face mask was a must!

We had a little ceremony on the front porch thanking all of the people and businesses that made this home happen for Bailey. We also told Bailey how proud we were of her and all she had been through and to remind her that so many people had been thinking of her and praying for her and her family.

Pastor Wray Offerman and Rev. Bill Pyatt, came to bless the family and their new home. Then it was time for Gabbie to give each one of Bailey's family their keys to their new home. Chandler had a Cardinals keychain, Derrick had a Cubs one, Bailey had a white heart with bling, and Heather had a keychain with special words on them. Thanks to Kathy Billingsley at Atlas Lock Inc. for getting the keys ready for us! We appreciate you!

After the ceremony, we thanked everyone for coming and we went inside with Bailey on a limited time because of her restrictions. We put on masks, and protective booties over our feet. We had all the doors shut in the house so we could present each room to each person. The tears, smiles, and words of appreciation could be heard in each part of the house!
Here are some pictures of the cool limos! Special thanks to LL Limousine for providing these for us-and not just one, but two of them!!!
This is inside the white limo-it is a party waiting to happen for sure-my picture does not do it justice at all!!!
This is inside the neat hummer limo!