Pony Express Days

On Saturday, August 21st, Pony Express Days was going on. The Oddfellows group, lead by Kerry Toothman, held a dunking booth and mud volleyball tournaments all in honor of Team Bailey! They had many celebrities in the dunk tank-even State Representative Bob Flider!

The teams that signed up got t-shirts, and a chance to win this special frog decorated trophy!

I think Bailey's favorite team would have been her brother's team, named Team Bailey! They were working hard and very very very muddy! Their muddy teammates were....Chandler Huddleston, Cody Buckley, Kevin Buckley, Jared Myers, Michael Warner, Kyle Davis, Mark Lillpop, Greg Lamb, and Bruce Huddleston. The winning team was, Team Dirty Pants...Tara Mata, Fidel Mata, Bonnie Ford, Tyler Ford, Jerry Krell, Chonita Ziegler, Lisa Prattt, and Bekki Cheatham..

Mrs. Ditty and Mrs. Driscoll from McGaughey even got muddy on a team! Nick Toothman and Kyle Gorrell had a good time too! Thank you to The Oddfellows group for putting this even on and all the participants in mud volleyball, dunk tank celebrities, and all who came out to enjoy the day and cheer their teams on!