Putting the interior walls in!

The afternoon of August 26th, our helpers came to put the interior walls up! The weather was just incredible and perfect to be out working on the house!

John Milligan and his crew worked until dark getting all the walls up! It was so neat to walk from room to room and see what the home was going to be like-much different than looking at it on paper!

Special thanks to Miller Builders Component for donating all our walls!!!They are awesome!! Vulcan Materials for sand, and S.A. Lewis for use of their large crane to move the walls! Special thanks also to all our workers....Josh Milligan, Greg Burgener, Tim Dial, Pete Bayles, Kelly and Angie Clark and their kid-os Kolby, Kayden, Ashlyn, and Kameron...you are all hard workers!!

Ashlyn was a great helper helping me set up food for our crew! And the kids enjoyed playing in the sand that was in the garage area while the grown-ups were hard at work!