Spreading Gravel and Sand

On Thursday evening, August 19, we had a crew out to spread gravel in the foundation, and help fill the old septic with sand.

Jon Plain and John Milligan headed up our crew and helped us get the job done! Special thanks to our workers who came out to help...Trevor Horton, Andy & Corey Cooling (A-W Service Unlimited), Duane & Deanna Chandler, Chandler's buddy Seth, Tyler Revis, and Bailey's family..Chandler, Derrick, Aunt Jessica, & Uncle Cody.

Thank you to....Vulcan Material Co. for donating all the sand and rock, J.J. Friis Trucking for transporting it, and a yummy thanks to Steak-n-Shake for feeding double cheeseburgers and cole slaw to our crew and to Wal-Mart for watermelon, cantalope, and water!

Fun side note.....One of our special volunteers, Duane Chandler, gets the special volunteer award (if there is one)! His lovely wife drove him to the site because he had just got his eyes dialated! Now, he couldn't drive, but he was ready to do some scoopin'! You rock Duane!