The shingles make the roof complete!

On Saturday, September 4th, the shingles went on the roof! It was a chilly beautiful morning! A big crew came out headed up by Mike Doty and they got the job done!

My sister, Leslie was in town, and I put her to work cleaning up Bailey's house!
WAND tv even came out to video our hard workers-he even got on the roof with a camera! He's a brave reporter!
The whole roof only took a few hours to complete with this great crew, then it was lunch time!! Check out this feast donated by Goldie's Front Porch located in Sullivan! Yummy homemade food!!

Thanks to our hard working team of Mike Doty, Dave Krall, Jeff Britton, John Fagin, Chad Hanegan, Ed Burris, Chris Thomas, Charlie Beiler, and Kathy Beiler. Thanks also to our anonymus donors who donated all the materials to make the roof look wonderful! Yummy thanks to Goldie's Front Porch for a delicious meal! And, to WAND tv, and Mt. Zion Region News for coming out to follow our story! We are glad you are all a part of Team Bailey!