A very busy evening!

It was a busy rainy night at the house tonight! Our plumbing and electrical crews came in and got busy-the rain didn't stop them!

I love this picture-all the cars for all the people that were there-there are even cars you can't see in this picture!

After the workers worked for a while, we served them yummy Pizza Hut pizza-in Bailey's bedroom!

My boys passed the time playing their DS games in Bailey's closet-and Gabbie helped me get the food ready-and she tried to find ways to keep dry-too funny! Special thanks to Mt. Zion Pizza Hut for providing 12 pizzas to feed our hungry crew! Thanks also to Giberson Electric's crew, Mark Stewart's crew, and UA/MCAA local plumbers #65 and local contractors Burdick Plumbing & Heating, King Lar, and Nogle & Black, Closs Electric Company & Inc., for being a part of Team Bailey. We appreciate you!!