Concrete in the garage and front porch

On Saturday, Sept. 25th a crew came out to put in the sliding doors in the back, and fill the front porch area with sand to get it ready for concrete. they also worked on the soffit to get the house ready for siding! Thanks to all our workers....John Milligan, Mike Doty, Kevin Johnson, and Bill Tuttle. Also thanks to Vulcan for supplying the sand we needed, to PGT Industries for the beautiful sliding door, and to the Solid Rock Chapel Church in Sullivan for feeding our hungry crew!!! We appreciate you all!It was a cold and rainy morning, Sat., Oct. 2nd. We had planned to get the siding started, but the rain changed our plans. But, the concrete still got poured for the garage and the front porch! Hooray! The concrete crew didn't mind the rain at all, but the trucks started sinking a little so The Dora Township came to the rescue! They delivered (I think) close to 15 tons of milling so the concrete trucks could get in and out! Thanks to Bill, at Dora Township, for heading that up, donating it, and getting it done!

The garage floor is shiny and smooth and ready to dry! You can see the raindrops a little in this picture! Thank you to our anonymous donors of concrete! You are very appreciated! Thanks also to S.A. Lewis for donating the wire for the concrete flooring....we appreciate you!