We had a very special day at the Team Bailey house on Thursday, Nov. 12th. The MTZ kids all had the day off, so I invited all the girls from Bailey's class last year, and her classmates this year, along with some of her teachers, to come and help paint her room! My painter, Shelley, sectioned off a section for each girl to paint and they wrote their name right above their section-even though it will be covered with a chair rail, their names will always be under there.

Gabrielle writing her name on her spot while Mrs. Brown does the same!

Brianna and Paige getting busy, while Mr. Courson helps!

Natalee and Bailey just getting started!

Gabbie and Kylie look like pros!

In between painting and our special project for Bailey, the girls sat and played games!
Most of our painters with Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Courson!
Chandler, Bailey's brother, and his friend Seth, came out also to help paint Chandler's room!

Then, it was time for our HUNGRY crews to eat!!! Special thanks to Papa Murphy's in the Target area for making and baking the pizza for us, to Natalee's mom for delivering it for us, and to Gabrielle's mom for bringing cookies! Thanks also to the Herald and Review for continuing to support us through this project and getting the word out on all the great people working together for Bailey and her family!! We appreciate you all so much!!!

So proud of all our workers today! We are all here because of a little girl named Bailey that has inspired us all...we are all proud of you Bailey, and how brave you are to go through all of this. This is one way for us to show how we care for YOU!!!!!