Chandler's Room

Chandler's room was a fun room to do! He had told us he wanted a Cardinals room, so we painted one wall red and the rest a beige color. (Actually, in an older post, you can see Chandler, and his friend, Seth, painting one of the walls!)
Chandler chose this fouton bunkbed from Wal-Mart, and the great firemen of Sullivan paid for it! Thanks SOOOOO much!!!!
We couldn't BELIEVE how many pieces it took to make this bed! Yikes!! Chandler's grandpa, Bruce, and Uncle Cody were busy for 2 days putting it together!!
It was really cool when it was put together!
Sheryl Polley volunteered her time and talents to paint a Cardinals design on one of the walls. It looks so awesome! Thanks Sheryl!!
When the room was complete, it was totally cool! The nice blinds were donated and installed quickly and easily by Phil Tapscott-thanks so much!!! We even picked up baseball knobs for his closet! All of the other things in his room.....closet shelving, bedding, tv, etc. were purchased through our great Team Bailey donations! (Some of the bedding was donated by Bailey's friend, Kylie Nichols', family and the McCoy family) Thank you all!!!