This will be my last post probably until Spring. The home is done and Bailey and her family are beginning their new life together in a home that love built!

Words cannot express how thankful Connie and I are to everyone on our Team! Our team consists of people and businesses who have donated materials, labor, and money to make this happen. Families in the Mt. Zion district have raised money for Team Bailey by selling Scentsy Candles, running in a 5k, buying Team Bailey bracelets and t-shirts, being part of a poker run, chili suppers and auctions, buying their children's artwork, and voting on their favorite baseball team with coins. Businesses and people in our local and surrounding cities have contacted us wanting to know how they can help....and boy have they!!!

We are also so thankful for Arlene and Kelly at the Herald and Review, Scot England at WAND, and Crystal at the Mt. Zion Region News, for getting our story out so beautifully to the public.

Our hearts can't express how thankful we are for two special builders on our team, John Milligan and Jon Plain. These two men have hearts of gold! I was on the phone almost daily with them, from the beginning on plans to our many work days. I am so proud of all our builders and donators. If you ever need work done, please visit our 'We couldn't have done this without our helpers' side of the website. These businesses and people have big hearts and I would strongly recommend them for any job. They all helped to build a strong, safe, and sterile environment for Bailey to recover in!

After all those thank you's, we can't forget the biggest thanks of goes to God! He is the one who made this journey happen for Connie and I. He led us to people and businesses to make this project happen. Connie and I had many many 'God moments' through this whole thing....things that obviously happened because He wanted them to happen. He is also the one who watched over Bailey every second of her long journey. He has a plan for her......we just have to wait and see what it is, but until then, she will begin her recovery in her new home!

Please view this news cast as you start your journey of looking through the bog of pictures capturing this wonderful project. Team Bailey is not done just because they have moved in their home......Spring brings a few more projects to get done.........