Busy day!

Today was a busy day at the house inside and out! Outside, workers were digging a huge hole and getting it ready for a new septic tank to be put in!

As soon as the hole was ready, the septic tank arrived and was carefully lowered in! First the lower part went down and they lined it up just right in the huge hole.
Then the top part was lowered down and sealed on it.
Once it was in, they started covering it up and got ready to work on the laterals.
Thank you to Burdick Plumbing and Heating, Seben's Concrete, Mechling Backhoe Inc., and Connor Company for being a part of Team Bailey!! We appreciate you!!!
Inside the house, the drywall hangers were busy. All four workers were busy measuring, lifting, and screwing in the drywall. They started first on the ceilings.

This picture shows Bailey's room ceiling all completed!

A BIG thanks to all of our workers from Thompson Brothers! We appreciate you soooo much!!!