Drywall and front door

The drywallers worked more on the walls today and are pretty close to being done! This picture shows a little of one of the bathrooms. Dreamer's Diner filled our workers tummies at lunch today! They enjoyed chicken and noodles, a pork chop, augratin potatoes, and pie! YUM!!! They have fed our hungry crews 2 different times! Yummy food and thoughtful people! Thanks Dreamer's Diner!!! We are also thankful to our drywallers donating their time and talents on making the walls look great!!!!

Tonight, Kevin Johnson and a good friend of his named John, came down and put the front door in! Night comes very fast now in the evenings, so they tried to work quickly. Thankfully we have electricity, so spotlights were perfect for the last parts of the installation! Thanks so much to Kevin and John for their time, knowledge, and handiwork!!

While they were installing the front door, the kids enjoyed their dinner on the front porch! It was a great night!!