Followers of Team Bailey.....I am having technical difficulties with my camera...well actually, I had to send my camera off to get fixed and I'm borrowing my dad's-don't have the right cords to download pictures yet! So, I apologize I haven't posted lately....hopefully next week I will have it figured out!

But, a lot has been happening down at the house.....the drywallers are finishing up this week and will be texturing the ceiling and spraying the primer throughout the house for us. All of the paint was delivered for the house! The heat and air conditioning are all installed and in the process of getting power to the house instead of using the temporary pole. We had a big tree in the back cut down and it will be cut up and removed this week/weekend along with another one we cut down in the front. The garage door will go in this next week and hopefully painting will begin!

We had a very successful Chili Supper/Silent Auction sponsored by Les Femme and the Swingsations. We were presented with a great donation checks from a few different places...... Thrivent Financial and Unique Boutique's Salon-a-thon day, and from the Mt. Zion Intermediate's selling of Team Bailey bracelets!

So, as soon as I get the camera figured out, I will post pictures to go with all these wonderful things! Thanks for being patient and for following our story!