The laundry room and pantry

When you walk in from the garage, the pantry is on the left side across from the laundry room.
It has a trap door on the floor to enter their HUGE crawl space! You can see how deep it is just from how the guy is standing in it.

John Milligan in the gray sweater, built the nice trap door and Floor Source Direct donated and laid the linoleum floor-Thank you!!!

We added lots of shelving, then filled the shelves with food and cleaning products!

Across from the pantry, is the laundry room. William Hughes, who donated all of the windows, from P.G. T. Industries, also wanted to buy the washer and dryer for the family! And boy, did he ever! When Heather walked in the room she was so overjoyed!! She's showing her love for them in the above picture!
When Bailey and her family came in the house, we had all the doors shut. The laundry was the last room to be seen because we also hid a beautiful new scooter for Bailey inside the room! Heckman Health Care donated this brand new scooter to help Bailey get around when she needs to! I had fun decorating her basket-I couldn't resist the frogs!