Family room/entry

Getting the family room ready took some help.....Angie and Connie worked together on an entertainment center to house their tv, etc. There were quite a few pieces, but after we put a few things together in the house, we got the hang of it!
The couch and loveseat with pillows, were donated by Pinkston's-love the color! Thanks for being a part of Team Bailey!!!

In this picture, you can see the entertainment center Connie and Angie got put together along with the rest of the room setup! Very cozy for sure!!! Kendra Gilman also donated a wicker basket cube shaped ottoman that opens to put things in, but unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it......but, we are very thankful for your donation Kendra!!!

Kevin Buckley, was a great helper putting up the curtains and rods! Thanks!! Also in front of the doors are a sticky mats that have 30 layers in each packet. You put it in front of a busy place, when people come in, they put their shoes on it and it pulls yuck off their shoes to make them more clean! When the layer gets dirty, you just pull it off and another is right under it! Tom Klebe's company VWR Internationl, LLC, donated these! How perfect is it for Bailey's house?!? Thank you Tom, we appreciate you!!!

In the entryway, is a table with pictures of Team Bailey events along with a couple baskets to throw whatever in!
To complete the room, this beautiful and perfect saying from Uppercase Living, was put on the wall above the entertainment center with a basket.