Bailey Pool....coming soon!

On a warm day in July 2010, a crew came out to take down Bailey's pool she received from the Make-a-Wish Foundation. She only got to use the pool one time, before she broke her arm......
We had to take down the pool to make room for the house. So, I called a friend of mine, Mike Mize, who used to work in the pool business. He called a couple friends, and when everyone arrived, we had plenty of hands!

A big thanks to Mike and his son Alex, for coming out, along with Chandler, Bruce, Derrick, Dwayne Chandler, Joel Fletcher, and Randy Kircher for being a part of our Team!!!
Of course, as many visits before, we found a frog while the fellas were working!

Now that the house is done, Spring will bring work to the outside of the house. And this summer will bring putting the pool back up! So, until that time, I thought it would be nice for Bailey to have a sign to look at to know that her pool will be back soon! Sara Foreman and her talents created this great sign that we put in a bucket filled with sand outside her sliding kitchen door. Sara even had a great idea to put a removeable 'coming soon' sign on there, so she can use it after the pool is up! Thanks Sara for donating your time and beautiful talents!!