Bailey's room

Welcome to Bailey's new room! This was such a fun room to put together! Bailey chose the colors for her room and picked our her bedding, but that's all she knew about it! Sara Foreman made this beautiful sign we hung on her door-thanks Sara!!!
After the room was painted by Shelley Greenwood and her special friends, we had Sheryl Polley come and write the words on the wall-this is what Gabbie and Bailey always said to each other......

Then we hung a picture the girls had taken together before Bailey left, under the words.

Then it was time to get trim, and other things done! Thankfully we have some great people on our team!!! Rob Perkins, John Milligan, Jon Plain, Josh Milligan, Dave Schrock, Bill Tuttle, Kevin Johnson and his neighbor came out a few times to get all the trimming, and closet door hanging done! We appreciate you all soooooo much!!!!!!!
The day the girls and teachers came to paint Bailey's room (see older post for this), they did a special project.....they each created a canvas to hang in Bailey's room. They could draw a picture, write an inspirational word, or do whatever they decide. Aunt Jessica hung them beautifully over her closet so she can see them each day!
We bought a closet system for Bailey's closet since there probably wouldn't be room for a chest of drawers. My sister, Angie, and Connie helped put it together and it looked great! Thanks to Jan Nickell and her family for providing the cute green bins!
We were very blessed that Dr. Bret Jerger and his family donated the bed and 2 cute blue chairs for Bailey's room. They belonged to his daughter and she was remodeling her room and thought they would be great for Bailey-and they were right!!!
There were a few pieces to put together......but no problem for our crew! Grandpa Bruce modeling her new bed-very cool!!! Thanks to the Nichols, Beavers, McCoy, and the Maley family for donating items for the bedroom and bathroom! We appreciate you all so much!!!!
We put the cute blue chairs in and added a few extras...adorable for sure!!!

The blinds throughout the house were donated and installed by Phil Tapscott and his son. They just brighten each room and are very sturdy. But, the most important thing is they are easy to clean and seem to not attract dust! Yeah!!! Thank you so much for being part of our Team!

Now to the bathroom that Chandler will share with Bailey.......
John Milligan came up with a design called a 'skirt' for the bathroom. If Bailey needs to be in her scooter, she will be able to easily move around and close up to the sink without a problem. A crew from S. A. Lewis built it and came out and installed it for us. Thank you so much!!!

Then our great plumbing group came in to finish up! Aunt Jessica added the final touches, Phil and his son put up the blinds, and Jon and John hung the nice mirror from Poland Glass! What a team!!!